Performance Poets Association is a non-profit organization (501-c3) which brings poetry and related arts to the public, including featured artists, open readings, discussion groups, The PPA Literary Review, an artist development program, the annual PPA poetry contest, and workshops. 

Each year PPA holds over 150 events across Long Island, NY in Nassau, Suffolk, and Queens counties.  All are invited.  Meet our featured poets.  You are welcome you to sign up for the open readings where each individual is given 5 minutes to express their creativity in a supportive environment.


The PPA monthly calendar is available at all events or by sending a self-addressed, stamped envelope to PPA, 2176 Third Street, East Meadow, NY 11554.  The online monthly calendar does not always include recent cancellations.  Events can be confirmed by contacting 516-582-8910 between 12 Noon and 10pm.


For information about our services, or to make a contribution, please write to:  PPA, c/o Cliff Bleidner at the above address.


Written comments and suggestions about our services are always welcomed.

The 12th PPA Annual Literary Review is now available.  There is a limited supply of prior year Reviews.  The Annual Literary Review is available at all events for $8 or by mail for $10 by contacting 516-582-8910 between 12 Noon and 10pm only.    Prior years, when available, are $6 + $2 shipping.

Support PPA   Your tax-deductible contributions are appreciated and necessary.  Contributions support all PPA events, publication of the Annual Literary Review, presentation of PPA Annual Awards, printing of the monthly calendar and the continuing operation of this websiteMany events are held in locations that do not allow us to accept contributions, significantly impacting our financial resources.  Contributions can be mailed to the above address.  Please donate when possible.

                                                                                                           Thank you. 

Performance Poets Association®

We thank all Staff members for their dedication and support of  PPA



Scheduling and Hosting Events

Judging, Design, Proofing and Publication of the Annual Literary Review

Printings and Distribution of the monthly calendar and flyers

Spreading the Poetic Word and ensuring that PPA remains an active forum for Long Island poets, artists and musicians