the Moon


 speaks to the soul


     ~Keith A. Simmons

  the rose in the sunlight


         its shadow


                                                she’s just a termite 


                                                     she’s the queen


 daddylonglegs in winter

       cling to the wall

              this close


-Cliff Bleidner

Text Box: time in my pocket
            now lost
in the woods

-Marvin Schlesinger

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Gentle creature

Heart of a racer

R.I.P. Monty

Monty ~ a rescued Greyhound,

addicted to food and affection.

Stately and of gentle soul, he is missed.

                                 -Keith Simmons

build a home
that no one can take
the pure heart


  -- Mankh (Walter E. Harris III)

   neither the rosebush
   nor blue sky cheer me today,
   but the bird's song...


first cold night--
the furnace comes on,
and on, and on


-- Mankh (Walter E. Harris III)

White footsteps- -

in deep snow a clean path

for the world.




learning yoga

for inner peace



~ Sheila Mardenfeld

Many publishing credits, three books published, including one on poetry therapy, Spanish teacher, social worker and private therapist

Text Box: at Stop and Shop
a white hyacinth opens
our conversation

rushing like hell
to meditation
and Tai Chi class

~Geri Barton
Haiku and free verse poet, member of the Haiku Society, many publishing credits

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new strain of weed

I leave it to see

what blooms


-J R Turek