P - Poetry is for the people that are poets.


O - O is for “Or what about this?” when writing poetry.


E - E is for the excellent poetry you can make if you try.


T - T is for the tremendous work that you go through writing this poem.


R - R is for the ridiculous things that you can come up with when writing poetry


Y - Y is for you and I who can both read and write poetry if we give it a chance.


Alexandra Simmons

one chapbook and has performed at PPA events

Text Box: Kidz Poems
poems by and for children

Mr. Feffer owned the Feffer circus

His circus had shoobrups and lokinglaxes

The ring master was Mr. Feffer himself

He had lions and tigers and higglywinks oh my

He always said there could be more than what meets the eye

He has skydiving turkeys and grandparent acrobats


“His circus is wacky” said Mrs. Slacky


But Mr. Feffer thinks Shoobrups and lokinglaxes and lions

  and tigers and higglywinks

are actually quite the charm

And skydiving turkeys make a great alarm

With the grandparent acrobats are very aliving


At the Feffer circus they have all sorts of junk

   even a pack of Peppery lunk

Mr. Feffer created the Peppery lunk

   with Mr. Chunk

 Mr. Chunk slept on a bunk with brother

   who was a monk


By the way, Mr. Feffer has a pink link

   of a higglywink       in his circus


Well I, Sam Pie

who want to work at the circus as the boy with one eye

I walked up to Mr. Feffer with a half pound of pepper

And without thinking I asked him if I could work for him

  as checking the weather

He said okay and I was on my way

If only Heather McFeather was here

my mind would be clear


Well she came to me riding on a higglywink

The higglywink was a pink and was named Ink

I said hi and then she said goodbye

She told me she got the job

as the girl with one eye


So Mr. Feffer’s Circus was with Shroorups and lokinglaxes

and lions and tigers and higglywinks and skydiving turkeys

and grandparent acrobats and Peppery lunks

and the girl with one eye

all except me

Mr. Sam Pie


Jacob Wright

Great Atomic Wedgie


It will make you jump

It will make you shout

It will make you hot and edgy

It will make you sweat

It will make you cry

It's the Great Atomic Wedgie


If you are smaller

It will make you taller

And you better eat your veggies

Cause there's no bigger fright

In the middle of night

Than the Great Atomic Wedgie


Keith A. Simmons

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