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the third day of cracklin’ cold

and take-the-dog-in nights


tee shirts   under flannel   under wool

a forty five minute outage


forewarns that water pipes might freeze


seven inches of elegance

muffles the neighborhood

  flake by tiny flake


delight of winter mingles with dread

wires hum     branches creak


phone line snorts

and whirs like a helicopter


could be that we are not

the masters of our world


Barbara Reiher-Meyers

Multiple prize winner, many publishing credits, member of Live Poets Society, Island Poets and the LIPC. One book published, workshop leader and contest organizer, L.I. Poetry Calendar online publisher



Bruises inflicted in blackouts

fade into memory’s sleeve;


seldom reappear; slipping out

then quickly fade away


disguised by clown white,

powder puff of poetry.


Empathy smothers rage

no longer demands revenge.


Praying for the enemy takes practice.


Barbara Reiher-Meyers



The banana is a giant golden freckled finger

arching and urging

“Taste me, I am the ripe one for you!”


The cantaloupe is a reptilic skin

encasing salmon-colored flesh

a school of tiny darting fish, its slippery seeds


The coconut is a wiry brown crew-cut

cracked in two hemispheres

crunchy white cocolesterol


A group of grapes is an overpopulated planet

plucked. consumed and decimated

threadbare skeletal remains


The orange is a poreful peel protecting a womb

filled with a million yellow spermatozoa

bursting with energenetic force


The peach is nature’s softest wrap

around chindripping flavor

the furrowed pit pleads for planting


The pineapple is a multi-eyed cortex

hostile honeycomb scales and serrated swords

guard the golden pulp


The strawberry is a voodoo pincushion

bewitching fragrance you can taste

seedy teeth


Ursula Nouza

interpreter and foreign language professor, member of Taproot workshop, book in progress