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What words can be written

for a kid that’s been bitten

by a cause that’s no cause at all

for a kid in his prime

that’s got hooked on a line

like a fish that’s just begging to fall

they give him a gun

shiny boots


lots of bullets

big knife and a song

then they teack him to kill

to surrender his will

and the kid’s not a kid very long

soon he kills for the thrill

his eyes give you the chill

when he sings of the glories of war

while the rich stay at home

their mouth bubbling foam

as the billions roll into their store

they sell bullets and bombs

big and small firearms

to the kids

defending their creed

and the kids never know

as they try to stay low

that the creed they’ve defending

is greed.


Ross Tarantino

Jack of all trades, master of a few

                        Baffling Triolet


Instructions for a triolet

French for little trio

be concise in what you say

instructions for a triolet

maintain two rhyme; do not stray

eight lines, refrained, with metered flow

instructions for a triolet

French for little trio


                          I wonder why a triolet

                          is French for little three

                          I looked it up; it doesn’t

                          isn’t called an octany

                          eight lines per stanza; no, not three

                          I wonder why a triolet

                          is French for little three


                                                    J R Turek

                                       Author of short stories and novels.

                                       Moderator of the Farmingdale Writing Group,                                            member of the L.I. Literary Guild



the Bronx in October is a steep grove brewing

redcrested woodpeckers. i know a man who

lives there in an apartment made of brick.

his door is very near a yellow sycamore.

when he looks in any direction he sees a

great forest of leaves. sometimes the wind

picks at his collar. sometimes the river

lights up his hair. over his left shoulder

he carries a small canvas mail pouch

which came all the way from the civil war.

sometimes when it is morning and it is autumn

and he is silver and alone and so very sad

he reaches into his medicine cabinet

and he pulls out sugar mountain.


George Wallace

Former Poet Laureate of Suffolk County, many books published, many publishing credits, member of LIPC



                          “Has nature arranged for this animal

             to have all the machinery of feelings

             only in order for it to not have any at all?”




Or why does Marie Rache cut up carrots, apples-

bit-sized pieces, “treats” for her Morgan?

She takes the spotted apples for herself

and Commander has the freshest fruit.

Behaviorists assert the animal does not know, does not appreciate.

If you assert your animal does know, does appreciate,

behaviorists charge you with “committing anthropomorphism.”

Marie is incessantly “committing anthropomorphism.”

Why doesn’t she ride Commander more?

Instead she gives an hour brushing her Morgan.

He stand untied, no halter.

She fills the water trough, cleans the stable.

She watches him, chestnut with white blaze on his face, graze the pasture.

She holds out her hand, he trots over, nudges his warm nose in her palm.


Maxwell Corydon Wheat, Jr.

Retired teacher, environmental activist, poetry workshop leader at Taproot and continuing education, programming volunteer at Cedarmere