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PPA Staff

Night Sky


I have seen these stars before

These diamonds guarding heaven’s door

Many times and moons ago

Standing here in soft deep snow

Again, searching the night sky

Always asking why?


Yet, asking why does not seem to matter

Tonight this sight so clear and near

Calms the chatter in my head and in my soul

This view so new and yet so old

Of constellations and astrological guides

To the heavens and our lives


Bright stars and planets way up there

In plain sight for those who care

To see this dazzling winter night

To gaze and dream on with such delight


I yell aloud up out into the air

“Oh how beautiful thou art

and thank you for this cold night sky

for bringing joyful tears to my eyes

and relieving all my fears…

                                          ...if only for a moment.”


…but lifetimes are lived in moments!


Linda Ranieri Melodia

Published prose writer and poet, inspired by nature, PPA prize winner

the first snow


a light dusting of the first snow

blankets the woods surrounding

the high way in the dark of the

early evening


like magic it covers

everything with its

wonder white

on this cold November night


large wet slate rocks

below the mountains

hug the road as we

wind around with it


in between bare trees

the ever faithful, ever blooming

ever greens stand tall

truest winter symbols of all


my mind moves

from autumn to winter

as the heavy rain

changes into the first snow


Linda Ranieri Melodia




wept upon seeing you

your beauty red in color

“your majesty in size” ...I cried



peaceful orange mountains

silence in the desert

with ancient healing winds



named for a woman

a gentle goddess, yet strong

as the mighty eagle still flies



rocks and shops

and wild jeep rides up russet rocky roads

with a cowboy wearing a long leather coat



silent sun sets beyond a skyline of mountain

I breath deep and hear my heart beat

“Moses saw the burning bush and I’ve seen Sedona”



vastness, vortexes, gods and goddesses

nature and natives soothing my soul

with living energy whirling within and without me




Linda Ranieri Melodia

Performance Poets Association®