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PPA Staff

“Beacon of Light”


You are my beacon of light,

My shining star that beams so bright,

Even in the dark cloak of night,


In my darkest hours,

I always feel your power,

Your beacon of light,

That shines on me so bright.


In my lonely path across the sea,

I feel your beacon of light,

That will always lead me through.


In my time of need,

You’re always there for me,

Your strong piercing light,

That always seems to guide me.


Always point your light toward the edge of the sea,

So I know that you’re always there,

Always watching over me.


Gregory N. Papageorge

BA: St. Francis College, MA: St. John’s University, former minor league baseball player for the Kansas City Royals

“My Best Friend”


There was a woman I loved her so,

She was my best friend,

I can’t let her go,

Her tenderness seems to intoxicate my soul.


The fire,

The passion,

Are my deepest desires.


As the sun rises each day filling my body with warmth,

I open my eyes to see what’s around,

MY best friend is nowhere to be found.


Without you, without you,

My heart bleeds for thee,

Without you, without you,

Life is not, what it seems to be.


Gregory N. Papageorge

“Holy Wars”


Brother killing brother,

Spilling blood across the land,

Killing for religion,

Something I don’t understand.


Fools like me who cross the sea,

Seeking for the Holy Land,

I ask the sheep for their beliefs,

Will you kill on God’s command?


A country divided surely will not stand,

The past is now erased,

We’re in a new race,

No longer in disgrace.


The end is here,

It’s so crystal clear,

It’s his final master plan,

Don’t look now to Israel,

That may be your next homeland.


Leaders stand on their pulpit,

Preaching for judicial right,

They are out to change the world,

They are out to make it right.


So let’s go to America,

Let’s get out and fight,

I am a messenger from God,

A power holier art thou,

That this holy war will not ruin our country’s morale.


Gregory N. Papageorge

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