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   out the door

of the greenhouse

  the sound of wind




                      on the post

                   at the bay

                     a solitary gull




     bushwacking through

     giant boulders

   a massive snake’s shadow




                               empty woods

                                  wet leaves

                              darkness again




      the falling meteor

      the rising dust cloud

      the end of us



Marvin Schlesinger

mathmatics and science tutor, humorist poet, haiku poet



momentary encounter with a fox

             backward glance

             he’s gone




                after a long hike

                             in the heat

               refreshing orange soda




time in my pocket

             now lost

in the woods




on the bench overlooking

             the river

cool breezes




        the crunch of boots

                     laden with snow

        the icy stillness




down the solitary path

            the sound of birds

distant voices



Marvin Schlesinger


the crunch of boots

    laden with snow

      the icy stillness

after a long walk

in the woods

the old familiar car