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Cursory No More


Younger than my age

older than my years

life can be a cage

imprisoned by fears


Always a deadline

never certain when

anxious countermine

all over again


Trying to let go

live life here and now

haunted by although

can’t remember how


Itch scratch  itch and scratch

some things never change

spots rubbed raw won’t patch

part ways wise is strange


Jamie White

graduate of Colgate University, student of

Tai Chi Chuan and Qi Gong

Inside Scoop . . . Princess And The Pea:  The Pea Pleads His Case


Where would this story be without the pea, and don’t

tell me you ever granted me a though before

it’s always the prince, the kingdown, who will, who won’t

humble pea beneath so many cheeks, nasty chore



Scripted to do my part, girl after girl, after

girl, after . . .

                       what kind of pea do you take me for

mattress has all the fun, muffled kinky laughter

bottom most feelings awkward and inferior



Prince finds princess, sensitive as a rare flower

the other girls go home, luckier than they know

perfect fruit guaranteed to turn perfectly sour

each ordinary life, an extraordinary show




I do not merit the most minor mention in history

But does no recipe allow for this old forgotten pea


Jamie White

A Line Is A Dot That Decided To Take A Walk



A stain is a crumb

That had too much to drink

Stuff falls more to come

Could be penance you think



Movement leaves a wake

Cells and dust ring your feet

Mites munch meals we make

Aromas of faint heat



Fickle a traction

Whim keeps polka dots spaced

Each whole a fraction

Outer innerlaced



Here and there and lunch

Laughter hiccups and a spill

Enough hints prompt a hunch

Have to move can’t sit still



A Circle Is A Line That Never Ends


Jamie White

broken umbrella



part of me is partially damp

most of me is soaked squishy

2 much 2 little h2o you cramp

wet so past drenched i am turning fishy



windmangled rainwater sluices

river of rivulets drown my shoeses

h2o h2o every where

is it fair to be told life is not fair



I like to hear a man named marvin

if jokes were food no one be starving

he recites his limericks at starbucks

if ducks don’t walk how can there be lame ducks



synchronize your watches now throw them away

sky does not need cows to have milky way



nothing wrong with a non-sequitor

unless of course your from ecuador



did you know muskrat’s tails are both rudder and flipper

cinderella’s allergic to gold in her slipper


Jamie White

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