Performance Poets Association®

                                                 first day of autumn

GERI BARTON                    morning-glories showing

                                                 the way of the wind


                                                   winter branches -

PAULA CAMACHO               I count

                                                   empty bird nests



JOAN HIGUCHI              at the shore snatch sunshine

                                            with their nets


                                                     stepping into the shower,

MARIA MANOBIANCO         wet heat

                                                     onto my summer skin

J R TUREK                              an acorn sprouts a sparrow's song


PATTI TANA                        when you left home

                                                 the moon was an empty bowl


                                                                 driving home

SHIELA MARDENFELD                     escorted

                                                                  by the moon


 GINGER WILLIAMS              after a long journey

                                                      cooking pots cold


LINDA RANIERI MELODIA       November wind

                                                           Blows October leaves

                                                            Into December



EVELYN KANDEL             He thought to himself            

                                                better to be terrible

                                                than terribly dull

First Annual Haiku Contest Winners

PPA Third Annual Haiku Contest


Open to all residents of Long Island and Queens


To enter: Submit one copy of each Haiku, typed on 8 1/2 x 11 paper, one Haiku per page, with

name, address and phone number on each page.


Entry fee is $2 per Haiku or 10 Haiku for $10

Include a short bio and checks made payable to: Performance Poets Association

Mail to:    Performance Poets Association     2176 Third Street     East Meadow, NY  11554

with “Contest” indicated on the left front of envelope


Haiku (about nature) need not be 3 lines of 5,7,5 (17 syllables) but can be no more that 17 syllables.

Senryu (about human nature) are also acceptable and will be treated separately.

Submittals begin February 1, 2012 and must be postmarked no later than April 30, 2012


Cash prizes of $50 will be awarded at the judges discretion

All decisions are final